Retail and E-commerce firms collect data on a daily basis. Hazlo is providing valuable insights to reduce bottom line and improve profitability


Hotels record customer preferences. Learn how Hazlo predicts demand, optimizes prices, while accounting for market trends and sentiment


Hazlo is helping healtcare providers deliver the best outcomes for patients, while driving down costs and improving the quality of care


Finance is undergoing a major data revolution. Disruptors are choosing Halzo as their go-to tool for data optimisations. Finance will never be the same


With wearables and fitness apps making their dent, data is in plenty. Hazlo is helping wellness firms super-customize their UX with robust predictions


Discover talent and make better decisions with Hazlo. Saving countless hours, and helping scale recrutiment for new-age startups through NLP and ML models


Predict student performance through stats and behavioral patterns, analyse standardised essays, SoP's and resume's, provide college counselling, with sport recruitment options.

Accessibility is the name of the game

Read on to see why Hazlo is the most accessible AI, ever


Interact with Hazlo on our intutive webapp. Know what makes your model tick on the dashboard, and get forecasts with a click of a button

Shareable Models

Share your neural networks with a link. Enable your teammates & users to access it from around the globe, even without an Hazlo account.

HTML Embeds and APIs

Integrate Hazlo to your backend with a simple API call or add it to your site with just one line of code with HTML embeds

Ready for production, always.

Hazlo is extremely robust and works with fragmented datasets. Designed it for the toughest data tasks, and backed by research-grade algorithms. So experiment, deploy and scale!