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Fueled by research-grade algorithms

Hazlo works with data and constructs models using a repository of cutting-edge packages, APIs and languages: from R to Spark, Hazlo is reliably cutting-edge. You level the playing field by deploying your algorithms powered by the same platforms used by the likes of Google & DataBricks — join the revolution today.

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  • Hazlo cleans, augments your data set from its vast information lake and Massive Recurrent Neural Networks (MRNNS)
  • Builds dozens of models parallelly
  • Chooses and optimizes the best model

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Leave the data wrestling to Hazlo, focus on your product. From recommendation algorithms to fake review detection, you can do just about anything with a click of a button

Business Developers

Extract every ounce of information from your data. Know how your variables interact — from SHAP values to column impact indexes — and make the best decisions!

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Track and predict your growth, churn and other KPIs. Know what's making an impact and stay ahead of the curve

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